Advertising Rates

Policy & Medicine Compliance Update Rate Card

Reach decision makers and thought leaders in the field of pharmaceutical and medical device commercial compliance through our website and monthly newsletter.

Readers include compliance officers and medical affairs departments at pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as law firms, compliance technology companies, governmental compliance employees and others.

Website, Email and Monthly Newsletter Advertising

Website3 Month TermSize
PMCU Website Banner Ad$975728×90
PMCU Website Footer ad$681200×200
PMCU Website Sidebar Ad$810200×200
PMCU Monthly Email Banner Ad$1,068500×100
PMCU Monthly Newsletter Footer Ad$750468×60
6 Month Term 
PMCU Website Banner Ad$1,755728×90
PMCU Website Footer ad$1,226200×200
PMCU Website Sidebar Ad$1,458200×200
PMCU Monthly Email Banner Ad$1,922500×100
PMCU Monthly Email Footer Ad$1,350468×60
12 Month Term 
PMCU Website Banner Ad$2,925728×90
PMCU Website footer ad$2,043200×200
PMCU Website Sidebar Ad$2,430200×200
PMCU Monthly Email Banner Ad$3,204500×100
PMCU Monthly Email Footer Ad$2,250468×60
PMCU Newsletter PDFPer Month 
PMCU Newsletter 1/4 Page$139 
PMCU Newsletter 1/2 Page$249 
PMCU Newsletter 1 Page$377 
PMCU Newsletter Front Page (1/8 Page)$223 
PMCU Newsletter Back Page (1/8 Page)$103 
 *All print ads additional $40 / Insertion Fee
All Pages 8.5″ x 11″

Specifications and Submission Requirements

  • Ad images must be provided in the appropriate size indicated below as a .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG file.
  • We accept static images only for newsletter ads. For website ads, animated .GIF images are acceptable, but not flash as this will not play on Apple devices.
  • The publisher is not responsible for the viability of an advertiser’s link.
  • Send artwork and URL to according to the schedule listed above.